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North Andover Reads 2021: Watch Anytime

We gratefully acknowledge the many libraries, authors, and other presenters who during the pandemic have recorded programs to freely share, and shared here, while we have been homebound.  Thank you!

Watch Anytime

Reading Public Library

The Vote

Celebrate 100 years of women gaining full citizenship and voting rights in the United States. Through a series of lectures, facilitated discussions, documentary screenings, projects, and performances, participants in The Vote programs will gain a greater understanding of the United States’ past and a renewed sense of civic engagement today. Join us for a lively conversation! The Vote! is generously sponsored by Mass Humanities which is a statewide initiative to spark conversations around voting rights.

Waltham Public Library

Rights & Wrongs: Black Women & The History of Voting

Join us for the history of Black women and their pivotal roles in the women's suffrage movement and the Voting Rights Act. You'll learn about the history of the vote in the African American community, including rampant voter suppression, and explore the ways Black women have advocated for political change with their voices and eventually their votes. Our presenter is Dr. Kellie Carter Jackson, Knafel Assistant Professor of the Humanities in the Department of Africana Studies at Wellesley College.