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Libraries Working Towards Social Justice: LWTSJ Movies/TV Lists


Based on a True Story


Watchlists from Outside the Library

  • Harper's Bazaar's 10 Black History Movies and Docuseries to Educate Yourself on Anti-Racism 
    • "In the fight against racism, it’s not enough to just disavow hate; you have to be actively anti-racist, calling out acts of overt and casual racism as you see them—even when it’s uncomfortable. Part of that commitment to identify and actively work against prejudice as it happens begins with educating yourself on the ways in which our country has discriminated against people of color, especially Black Americans. One helpful tool to do so is film, a rich medium that offers insight into our society and culture, and serves as a vital reminder of how far we’ve come—and how much further we have to go before everyone is truly equal."
  • Glamour's 19 Anti-Racist Movies and TV Shows You Can Stream Right Now 
    • "While reading books and listening to TED Talks are great, and necessary, ways to educate yourself, queuing up Netflix is another way you can learn. And with so many anti-racist movies and TV series that show Black stories front and center available on streaming platforms, there’s no excuse not to start right now. We even made you a list, below. While it’s not comprehensive, it is a place to begin."
  • Vox's Anti-racism films: What to Watch and What to Skip 
    • "In light of the deaths of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor and other Black Americans at the hands of police and the ensuing protests and calls for racial justice, there has been a push for anti-racism education via film."