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Libraries Working Towards Social Justice: Watch Anytime

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Watch recordings of previous Stevens and area libraries' events here, any time!

We gratefully acknowledge the many libraries, authors, and other presenters who during the pandemic have recorded programs to freely share, and shared here, while we have been homebound.  Thank you!

Racism & Civil Rights: A Historical Perspective

The United States has reached a critical time as civil unrest and mass protests against racist policies become more frequent across the country. To help us understand how we arrived at this point, professor David Kalivas offers a reflection on the history of racism and civil rights in the United States.

The Power Of Protest Images In The Black Freedom Struggle

Join Dr. Brenna Greer, professor at Wellesley College, for a virtual tour of the significant images, protest signs, and social media posts that have come out of the civil rights movement and Black Lives Matter movement.

The Kidnapping Club: Slavery In The North

We often think of slavery as only a southern American phenomenon. History professor Dr. Jonathan Daniel Wells gives the dramatic account of the fight for freedom in New York City in the 1830's.

African Americans As Subjects & Creators In American Art

A People's Guide To Greater Boston

Join Joseph Nevins, Suren Moodliar, and Eleni Macrakis -- authors of A People's Guide To Greater Boston -- to learn about the well-known and little-known significant places and people in our area involved in movements to abolish slavery; to end war and militarism; to achieve Native sovereignty, racial equity, gender justice, and sexual liberation; and to secure workers' right.

The Remarkable Rise Of Vice President Kamala Harris

Thank you to the Tewskbury Public Library for hosting this event!
Join Dan Morain for a discussion of America's new Vice President, Kamala Harris, in conversation by Liz Goodwin, deputy bureau chief for The Boston Globe in Washington, DC.

The Lost History Of President James Madison's Black Family

According to the oral history passed down through eight generations of her family, retired pediatrician Bettye Kearse is a descendant of the enslaved cook Coreen and her enslaver, and half-brother, President James Madison. Dr. Kearse tells her family's story.

The Roots Of Black Music In America

Karlus Trapp's delightful, educational, and entertaining presentation -- 'The Roots of Black Music in America' -- is a 100+ year journey back through time to hear and learn about the music of America's black musical giants.

White Freedom: The Racial History Of An Idea

Join professor Tyler Stovall as he traces the complex relationship between freedom and race from eighteenth century to today, revealing how being free has meant being white.

Interracial Friendships In Youth: Obstacles & Possibilities

Join Professor Cinzia Pica-Smith to learn why interracial friendships are so rare in both children and adults.